Patty Wiseman - Author and Speaker

Patty Wiseman, author and speaker

Rescue at Wiseman's Pond

An Adventure Story

Children—and those who are children at heart—will love this tale of a daring rescue by a little boy named Ronnie and his dog, Cutter. A heavy rain storm floods the pond by Ronnie’s house, and two baby foxes are stranded in the mud.

Ronnie’s friends work together to save the babies. Each character plays a part. Mrs. Barnswallow sounds the alarm. Cutter prods Ronnie to follow him. Fred the Turtle keeps watch by the pond. Working together they all help to save the babies.

A kind fireman gives Ronnie advice on what to do next, which results in a big surprise.

Beautiful illustrations and nimble rhymes help to tell the story of how teamwork saved the day.


"Such an awesome story . . . . Your kid will love this book!"

"This is such a great story! My daughter is 4 and she loves it! The story holds her attention from beginning to end.

Excellent story for young children. Have read many of her books and all are great. Always looking for the next adventure with her writings."

"Great book. Can't wait for my Granddaughter to read it."

"Great story and fantastic illustrations!!"

Available in hardcover and softcover editions

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Rescue at Wiseman's Pond by Patty Wiseman

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