Patty Wiseman - Author and Speaker

Patty Wiseman, author and speaker

Rediscover Romance!

Free your imagination in stories of suspense, drama, and love. 

Patty's characters come to life on the page. Women face transitions, challenges to their identity, and unexpected life events—the same challenges women face today. Rediscover your own sense of adventure and romance as you walk alongside them through the pages of Patty's books. 

Patty's Latest Release

The Lost Opal

The Lost Opal--latest release by Patty Wiseman

Will Maren defeat the evil mermaid or be stranded forever in a parallel universe?

The Lost Opal is fantasy romantic mystery about an ordinary woman, Maren Raybourn, who is thrust into an alternate world by an evil mermaid who wants her soul.

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That One Moment

Fifty-six-year-old Georgianna (Silver) Fellowes relished her East Coast executive position—until she was replaced by a twenty-something blonde bombshell replaced her. Devastated, she returned to her West Texas ranch and retreated from the world. . . . Until she met Ash Ericcson . . .
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The Velvet Shoe Collection

An Unlikely Arrangement

Three lives intertwine through the worlds of high society, middle-class life, and organized crime, culminating in an engagement, a kidnapping, a misunderstanding . . . and a murder.
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When 17-year-old Ruth Squire's fiance disappears on their wedding day, she follows the only clue to save him. The risk is enormous. Her life is on the line, and she may never escape!
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An Unlikely Conclusion

It should be the happiest day of Ruth's life, but one moment in time changes everything. Does Ruth have the strength to fight the threat to her future—and the secret that threatens to destroy her past?
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An Unlikely Deception

An unexpected death and an unwanted guest shatter Hattie's newlywed euphoria. A mysterious key unlocks a dark side of her heart she didn't know was there. Will her marriage survive?
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An Unlikely Elegance by Patty Wiseman

Fanny Zapelli dropped the letter into the fire. The last person she expected to hear from shattered the cozy world she’d built over the past five years.

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More Romance, Intrigue, and Inspiration . . .

That One Moment

Ricki Sheridan is trying to forget. She seeks refuge and solitude in the mountains, but an injury puts her in Kory Littleton's capable hands. The attraction is instant—and terrifying. When an evil threat invades, they must face their greatest fear: Will they be able to trust again? Betrayal, desire, revenge—which one prevails?
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Somewhere Between

Phebe's new employment as a governess is threatened by closely-guarded secrets about a ghost—the tortured spirit of Edmund, the mansion's former owner, whose murder has never been solved. Phebe begins a quest to bring Edmund peace and to reunite him with his lost love. But someone will kill to stop her. Will Phebe survive—and maybe even find love herself?
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Success Your Way

Do you have a dream?
If you've always had a dream but put it off or didn't know how to begin, this book is for you! Patty explains that what you need is a plan. She shares her own life experience to show how you can make a plan and use it to make your own dreams come true.
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Rescue at Wiseman's PondA Children's Adventure Story

Rescue at Wiseman’s Pond is a tale of a daring rescue by a little boy named Ronnie and his dog, Cutter.

A heavy rain storm floods the pond by Ronnie’s house, leaving two baby foxes stranded in the mud. Ronnie’s friends work together to save the babies. Each character plays a part. Mrs. Barnswallow sounds the alarm. Cutter prods Ronnie to follow him, and Fred the Turtle keeps watch by the pond.

Working together they all help to save the babies. A kind fireman gives Ronnie advice on what to do next, which results in a big surprise. 
Beautiful illustrations and nimble rhymes help to tell the story of how teamwork saved the day.

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