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Book Review: Fleeing the Shadows by Phyllis Still

January 27, 2018 - 6:00pm -- Patty Wiseman

Patty’s Book Review

The following is my book review of Fleeing the Shadows by Phyllis Still

Phyllis A. Still - award-winning authorPhyllis A. Still is an award-winning author. She’s writing a series about the story of Daughters of the American Revolution patriot, Mary Shirley McGuire. The first book in the series, Defiance on Indian Creek was an excellent read. This series is called Dangerous Loyalties. Ms. Still lives in East Texas with her supportive husband.

In, Fleeing the Shadows,Mary Shirley is thirteen years old in the summer of 1775. The story opens with Mary remembering the harrowing experiences she endured while delivering traitorous dispatches for her father, in Book One. Because she trusted the wrong men, they now must flee their home on Indian Creek or risk capture by the British Loyalists.

Ms. Still weaves the experiences of following Daniel Boone’s trail to Kentucky in a very personal way. Mary has not yet healed from her former trauma but has no time to worry about that.

Fleeing the Shadows by Phyllis A. StillAlong the trail, we learn more about her family. The grit and will to survive. How the family works together to make camping easier. She even shows us plants and herbs that were used for healing back then. We learn of families along the way who help them, give them shelter and food…and friendship.

Ms. Still does a good job weaving in a personal look at Mary and her sister as they discover boys and explore their feelings. This is a good snapshot of the rigors of life in 1775 and how a young girl finds the strength and courage to face each fear.

The ending is hair-raising and heart-wrenching as they face certain death.

But, I won’t spoil it for you. Pick up your copy and enjoy the wonderful writing of Phyllis A. Still.

You can find Phyllis on her website!

Phyllis A. Still's other works:

Defiance on Indian Creek  

The Lost Puppy


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