Patty Wiseman - Author and Speaker

Patty Wiseman, author and speaker

A Ghostly Novella Coming Soon

March 17, 2018 - 7:00pm -- Patty Wiseman

I'm very excited to announce a ghostly new novella coming very soon!

Somewhere Between by Patty Wiseman - Cover RevealThe title is Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between Cover Reveal

Just for those on this mailing list, I will give you what's on the back cover as a description. Be watching for the release sometime in April! There will be a contest and a couple of winners! 

I'll be sending out more information soon! Meanwhile, here's a taste!

1856 Texas

Phebe Whiteside, a thirty-seven-year-old governess, finds new employment at Queens Court Acres, a stately mansion in South Texas.

She also finds a ghost.

The three-story mansion harbors the spirit of Edmund McAdams, the former owner of the estate. His murder was never solved.

Old mysteries are revealed, and Phebe begins a quest to bring Edmund’s tortured spirit peace and reunite him with his lost love.

A Pandora’s Box of secrets and lies are unleashed as she digs deeper into forbidden territory. Everyone has something to lose if the secrets come out.

One will kill to see that doesn’t happen.

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