Women of a Certain Age and the Men Who Love Them

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A few weeks ago, I published a blog about “Women of a Certain Age” where I collected quotes from various women from different walks of life ages 30 and up. They were eager to share the joy and fulfillment they continue to find as they march through each decade. The purpose is to enlighten women on what they can look forward to as they approach some of those milestone birthdays.


I got a great response. I’ve marched down those halls myself and as I look back, I see a progression, a maturity, a sense of purpose, and the evolution into the woman I am today. But…does anyone care or see the value of what we ladies have become?

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I’ve marched down those halls myself and as I look back, I see a progression, a maturity, a sense of purpose, and the evolution into the woman I am today. 

As I studied more on women as they mature, or find themselves in unexpected situations, I turned to look at the men who love them. I decided to poll various men, totally unrelated to the original poll. The response I received is astounding. In a world where we are bombarded with so-called standards of image and what we should strive to look like, I don’t see much about the beauty of a woman after all of that is stripped away. Are we so consumed with appearance, because the media assaults us with it every day, that we fail to see the beauty shining from our souls?

What is a woman worth as she matures?

What I found restored my faith in love and the rich impact and value ‘women of a certain age’ have in this world.

When you see your life more in the rearview mirror rather than through the front windshield it’s time to take inventory of your life. You just might find the crown jewel emerging that represents the metamorphosis of your life.

Let me share these quotes about ‘women of a certain age’ and the men who love and admire them.


Jim Bates


Jim Bates - Former Pharmacist-owner at Matthewson Drug Co.

 Nina is one incredible woman! She is loving, compassionate and caring and has character values that exemplify a life planted in Christ! She is indeed very beautiful inside and out and loves her family with unselfish devotion. I could go on and on, but this pretty well defines Nina McConnell Bates, my wife and sweetheart for the past 50 years of marriage.



scott & jami


Scott Cameron - NOS supervisor at Entergy Operations

Instead of fading, she has grown more appealing to me in more ways than I could ever have imagined. She has evolved as a wife, mother, and friend. She has developed patience, grace, and dignity without losing the ability to laugh until she cries, even if it is at herself (usually it is at me though).  I am proud to have this smart, strong, beautiful woman as my best friend. Even if she is a sassy little thing. Cute, but sassy.



mike h


Mike Hartner – Author

My partner and I are in our late 40s.  We've been married for nearly 25 years.  What I like most about my partner at this age is that the two of us are past most of the petty fights and we can relax and enjoy each other.   We give pleasure to each other. 



keith m

Keith McCormick – Free lance comedy writer, editor and author

I’m a fifty eight year old comedy writer now disabled and by no oversight of my own. I met my wife when she was at the enjoyable age of fifteen. We did everything together, I even taught her how to drive. We were together so much people were saying that we’d get sick of each other.

She had an open mind, and still does. She is completely aware of her surroundings and to me that’s a good thing. In the early years she unleashed her sense of humor to hide what she thought was her naivety to life although, far ahead of her years I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

Being three years her elder and did I ever use that to my advantage. However, the tides have turned therefore every day I make sure I give her a well deserved compliment or do something to make her day just a little easier, oh and taking out the trash doesn’t count.

Through my teens and twenties I had a lot of great guy friends. However never labeling anyone a "best" friend, I can only guess that’s because I was fortunate enough to marry mine. Yes her attractive smile; engaging personality, and always great conversation still attract me today just as much or even more than they did on that blind date in 1973. 



Rick Smith III – Fire Chief at Seatac Airport, writer and poet

I remain amazed by my wife's unlimited energy. Over twenty years ago she began saving cats and kittens. She and a friend eventually started an animal shelter called MEOW. Since its inception she has dedicated her life to rescuing cats and kittens. From a backroom facility where there were limited donations, she and her Board of Directors today enjoy a full service animal rescue facility respected by customers, the public, and veterinarians  who sometimes call her for advice. She has, with the help of donations and grants assured future provisions, shelter, and food for animals whose future placement and adoption will be made possible. I'm so proud of what she has done and continues to do. It is her passion and deserving of my complete support and admiration. Just a part of the never-ending love we share.



richard w

Richard Weatherly - Retiree - blogging, Writer/Author

My wife and grandmother of six, in her sixties, is a mentor and supporter of our daughters and beloved by our grandkids. She has strong values that she has helped instill between family and friends. These traits provide the cement that draws everyone closer to one another. 




Shaun Peter Cunningham – Creative Director, Screenwriter, Actor

As my wife approaches her 43rd birthday I'm going to need to see that number on her birthday card to remind me. She's been such an amazing woman, mother and wife over so many years I've almost stopped counting them. We've been together since we were both 16 years old. That's a long time but to measure in years is to under value what we have and who she is. What we have is immeasurable by time. All I know is that I value her more each and every day.

She puts a smile into my sadness, strength into my weakness and laughter into my pain. She celebrates my victories and covers my losses with a kindness that only she can bring to me. I can't imagine life without her. She is my rock standing out in an ocean of doubt. She epitomizes everything that is beautiful in a woman. From the strands in her eyes to the smile on her face; from her encouraging words to her motherly instincts, she's truly ageless to me and I feel blessed to have experienced someone who is prepared to love me as I am, for who I am and to be able to love her in the same way.




In our every day lives we may not feel that our men feel this way  about us. What kind of woman are you becoming? Do you see your own progress and metamorphosis? What will your man say as you pass through each decade as a woman of a certain age?

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