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This coming weekend I will once again do one of my favorite things! Appear at an event. For me getting in touch with my followers face to face is pure joy. Are they the biggest events I ever attend, no. Do I sell embarrassing amounts of books, no. But what I do accomplish is making an impression of each person who takes the time to talk to me and buy my books. Usually, that leads to a follower and friend for life. The personal touch... it matters! So I am going to share with you this upcoming event. This is a fundraiser for the Texas Strutters, to raise money for the Spring Show and a golden opportunity to support your community and give back. It is also a great opportunity to get your name out there in a local setting. I hope you will come out and visit if you are in the area. Another author friend of mine will be there, too, Edward Hancock II. Stop by and give us a shout.




DATE: December 6, 2014

PLACE: Jefferson Transportation & Visitor Center

305 E. Austin

Jefferson, Texas 75657

TIME: 9:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

Over twenty-two vendors. Arts and crafts that make perfect Christmas gifts and they are MADE IN AMERICA. So come out and support your local vendors and get some very unique and personal gifts to put under your tree.






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My goal is to be not just an author of books, but a true writer. I love to spin a story the reader cannot put down, a page turner. It always thrills me to see the wonderful reviews of my work, or to hear people say they could not put the book down. That is what satisfies me as a writer.
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