Introducing Patty Wiseman, award winning author of the romantic, historical suspense series she calls 'The Velvet Shoe Collection', published by Desert Coyote Productions, a stand-alone contemporary romance That One Moment, and her new children's book, Rescue At Wiseman's Pond. 


After 24 years working as an administrative assistant to a financial advisor, I am now retired and devoting , my time to my writing career. Writing was always my dream in life. Before meeting my husband, Ron, of  23 years, I was a single mom raising my boys, Scott and Lance, working full-time to support my family. Though the day-to-day life was busy and overwhelming, I was determined to make the dream of being a successful author a reality. This gave me an anchor to the individuality and identity every busy wife and mom struggles to maintain. As a woman we carry many titles - so-and-so's mom, so-and-so's wife, etc. - and battle that inner war of who we are. My success was nurtured and fulfilled by my actions during those tough years.

Introducing award-winning author Patty Wiseman I write clean, fiction stories about the challenges women have faced in the past and continue to face today. The characters are in the throws of a time of transition, struggling to maintain their own identity or simply dealing with the unexpected events that life throws at them. My published and future novels cover a variety of genres -- from the love of stories that inspire and encourage, to those suspenseful dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat, and adventurous journeys of those who have overcome society's constraints. 

Though I continue to enjoy a modest success, I remember the struggle of realizing my dream and have a true desire to help other women overcome the obstacles they face within themselves regardless of society's limitations. I hope I can motivate and encourage women around the world as a living example and role model. Through my website I try to influence women of all ages giving hope by spotlighting inspiring women as role models and providing sage advice from life's experiences.  My desire is to provide the much needed perspective on life we sometimes need and support the building blocks of living the life you've always wanted while maintaining our roles as wife, mom and career-builder. 

If you'd like further information, include me in your conference offerings or contact me about my work, please contact me at 903-926-1846 or email